Sayonara from San Fran

It was with some melancholy that we returned to San Francisco, the final stop on our >10,000km roadie around the US, and checked into our final “accommodation.” We had picked a place near the Golden Gate bridge, so it was fairly easy to get to coming from the north, but unfortunately, it wasn’t the best. Didn’t even have a fridge! Priceline has been our ally throughout, but she was a bit of a let down. At least it was fairly cheap (by SF standards)!

It was the NFC and AFC championship Sunday, so we found a nearby sports bar to watch the Steelers (my fave team) take on the Patriots (boo, although that comeback in the Superbowl was something else) surrounded by SF 49ers memorabilia. The bar was packed, and there were an uncomfortably large number of Pats fans :-/… I can only imagine what that bar would have been like two weeks later, as it was loud enough whenever the Pats scored!


A bit later that night, we wandered over to Baker St for some French cuisine at Baker St Bistro, a quaint little restaurant nearby with delicious food!

The next morning we made our way over to the piers, with pier 39 the first stop to check out the boardwalk and these local legends:

How awesome are the sealions at #pier39? #latergram

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After spending way too long watching these buggers, we wandered down to the Alcatraz ferry terminal, heading across to the mysterious and historical island.

It’s a very creepy place, especially in the cell blocks, although it has incredible views of the city, Golden Gate bridge and across to Oakland.

We thoroughly enjoyed the self-guided audio tour of the prison, and took heaps of photos for this very slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That afternoon, we headed to Chinatown for some dim sum, and boy was it up there in terms of quality and delish – even in San Fran, one of the more expensive cities, its still such a cheap lunch option!

We then headed off on a HUGE walk around the city, back down to the piers, and eventually UP the hills to Lombard Street, the famous zig-zag street in the notoriously steep city.

After all that walking, we were up the top, and could see down towards our “accommodation,” and after all that walking (and climbing) we were parched! We did a quick Google of nearby happy hours and were delighted to find one on the way! After a few beers, and some more Googling to help us decide the location, we wandered over for our final US dinner (this trip, anyway).

We decided to splash out a bit, and had Belga’s (a Belgian/German style restaurant) three course special, and thoroughly enjoyed it!

On our final day in SF (and the US), we took a drive to do the tourist thing at Mrs Doubtfire’s house and the house from Full House, before heading over to the Golden Gate bridge for a walk.

Holy moly, its a LONG way across that bridge when you’re walking! It was a bit windy and cold as well, so we got to the halfway point (where you can even reach the suspension cable) and headed back, before driving over (again) to get some shots from further out in the harbour.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After that, it was time for one last feed at Chipotle (because why wouldn’t you have Chipotle the day you’re flying halfway across the world?) We sat at the pier watching the sea lions before we were off to the airport, and back to reality.

It was a totally unreal trip, with so many highlights, and as keen reader Steven will appreciate, the closest thing we came to anything unpleasant was the heated argument over the counter at the cafe in Lumberton…

And now that the trip is completely blogged, it really is all over. Thanks for reading, we hope you enjoyed the blogs as much as we enjoyed the trip.

Tim & Sara



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