The Grand Canyon – Bearizona and BEERizona!

We decided to make Flagstaff our home-base for the Grand Canyon and our other adventures. When we arrived – there were LOADS of weather forecasters stating we were due for a cold, wintry and snowy night. Well they weren’t wrong about the cold…

We visited a local brewery (at their two sites) – Beaver St. Brewery – for a couple of drinks and some dinner and turned in early for a big day to the canyon.

The next morning, alas, there was no snow – but it was certainly cold enough to have snowed! We stuffed our faces with free breakfast (mostly for the warmth factor) and we hit the road.

The roads around Flagstaff were particularly terrible (pot holes etc), so we took our time to avoid as many of them as we could on our way to the canyon. As we were driving, we noticed the mercury continue to drop on the car’s thermometer and were thankful we had rugged up!

We arrived at the Canyon visitor centre and wandered up to the cliff edge – what a mind blowing view… Tim described it as like a painting (which is ironic!), and these pictures can’t do it justice (but here they are anyway):

Venturing further around the canyon to the village, we headed up to Hermit’s point, and as we were heading back to the car, it started snowing! We were grateful it waited until we’d taken some snaps, as the view was literally gone in seconds after the snow started!. The snow was quick to settle making it a “fun” drive!

Before we got back to Flagstaff, we stopped in at Bearizona, a wildlife park with a range of animals in their natural habitats – except that visitors can drive through their exhibits!

Home to wolves, bears and other animals, this was a zoological highlight for us, getting so close to such magnificent creatures, just chilling on the sides of the road (mainly eating blueberries or something similar looking).

They also had a walk-around zoo, where a couple of juvenile bears had a play fight for us!

A couple of young bears messing around at #bearizona #latergram

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That night we checked out a local craft brew bar, Hops on Birch (there are A LOT of craft beer pubs in the states!), which was having a function for a Tucson brewery! We quickly got chatting with the guys and sampled a few of their beers, before it was home for the night.

Next stop – one of Elvis’ favourite old haunts!


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