The struggle was real.

January 1 fell on a Sunday this year – so it was time for some football! We had tickets to the cheap seats at the New York Jets’ final game of the year at Metlife, against bitter old rivals the Buffalo Bills.

As you’ll have read in the previous post by Sara, we took full advantage of the open bar at the New York Beer Co on New Year’s Eve meaning we were both on struggle street to start the day, and the game started early – 1pm – in NEW JERSEY.

So we had to navigate our way via the subway and other trains to the game, screwing up enough (by being late) that we just ended up getting an Uber from the station in Jersey where we got off – so much easier than a train, and quicker too. We got there shortly after kickoff, but didn’t miss any of the scoring!

The Jets are named so because of the nearby airport, and there was a steady flow of planes around the ground during the game. This was interesting because every time the Jets scored a touchdown, and at the end of the game (they won), fireworks were launched around the ground!

It was a great experience to go to a game at such a stadium, resembling a modern Colosseum and the atmosphere was awesome. I even got to try a gameday dog!


That night, we had a bunch of food in the fridge to get rid of, so I made a chicken stack, and we packed up our bags in preparation for leaving New York the next morning :-(.

This was a challenge as we had accumulated a bunch more stuff!

Fortunately, we didn’t miss our flight, and our bags weren’t overweight! (Together we were 4lbs short of the max :-/)


The flight was full, so I made the fatal mistake (for the bag) of listening to the crew’s offer to check in our carry on bag (for free), to make sure there was enough room for everyone’s stuff on board (especially since it was slightly oversize).

We had to change in Dallas, so when the bag didn’t arrive initially in Houston, we thought it was still there. American’s crew also thought this, according to the bag’s last scan. Then, all of a sudden, the carousel turns back on and the bag pops out, 20 minutes after the last bags had come through.

Sadly, though, it was broken! Fortunately nothing in the bag was damaged, just the pop out handle. We showed it to the staff and they were very helpful offering to have it repaired, until we explained we were on a road trip and from overseas. They went to the next level and replaced it with a brand new bag for us! Excellent customer service!

We picked up our new rental car (a Camry called Toyboata – coz its blue – we like our Toyotas!), and headed off to our accommodation, where I discovered my bag had been repacked, care of TSA.

Had to happen, right?



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