After a fabulous evening of catching up with old friends – it was an early start for me! And no, I wasn’t torturing myself … I was treating myself! After a few weeks of “get up and go” on the road – I thought it would be nice to get my hair done for New Years Eve! I had booked myself into the local ‘Dry Bar’ where I got treated to a wash and soft-curled blow-wave. SO good!

What was Tim doing whilst I was being treated you ask?? Well sleeping in for one … and then doing the laundry at our favourite little laundromat before stopping in at Katz Deli for a sneaky breakfast pastrami Rueben. The sandwich was HUGE! And anyone who knows Tim knows that he can normally put away a decent amount of food … but even this made him save some for later!

After the laundry was all done (and I was looking fly!) we headed to Central Park Zoo.

As many know – Central Park Zoo features in Madagascar – however we did not see Marty, Melman, Gloria OR Alex BUT we did see an awesome Tropical enclosure (I know! In the middle of New York in Winter!) as well as a great Sea Lion keeper talk. Have a squiz at some of the animals we saw below:

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Sealion tricks at Central Park Zoo! #latergram

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After we had trekked around the Zoo we decided to do a bit of shopping and hit up Victoria’s Secret, Sephora and Lids (also you are welcome those we did some shopping for! :P)

It was a beautiful sunny day in New York (albeit still cold) and we wandered around the Lower East Side taking in all the sights. I ditched Tim at a local pizza haunt (Prince Street Pizza) to pick up a couple of slices for an afternoon snack whilst I headed home via our Whole Foods Market to get one or two supplies. After pizza (some Fraiser on Netflix) and a nap – it was time to get ready for the big night!

Tim and I went old school and got all dressed up for New Years (yes – Tim even wore a bow tie!) We had booked a New Years Party at the New York Beer Company which was a couple of blocks away from Times Square (we weren’t fans of standing for hours out in the cold – and not being able to have a beverage or two :P) It was an AWESOME night – open bar, loads of food AND we even met new friends who were seated with us – Daniel and Veronika who were from Hungary!

New Years countdown! #latergram

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We crawled home at around 1:30am to get enough sleep in before heading to the Jets game the next day! But let’s be honest – the struggle was real!



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