A rainy day at the museum and the Brooklyn Bridge

We had been expecting rain on the Thursday, so had planned to visit the American Museum of Natural History – yes, the one from Night at the Museum (the one where all the exhibits come to life at night).

Unfortunately for us, everyone else had similar plans, so we had to stand in the rain for an hour or so before we could get in! Once inside we enjoyed the museum’s wide range of exhibits and took a few snaps. The likes of Dumb Dumb (the Easter Island head), the T-Rex skeleton and the huge blue whale in the Ocean hall were highlights. (They even had an exhibit on New Zealand!)

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It’s a bit weird visiting museums full of taxidermied animals (and yes – there was a Kiwi)… a common theme at Natural History museums apparently!

That afternoon we decided the best use of time would be for a nap, since the Broadway and off-Broadway shows we could get tickets to weren’t to our taste (and meant another queue in the rain…)

We even did a spot of home cooking that evening – “NY style” (reflecting a modest level of ingredients) fajitas! They were mighty tasty too!


That evening it was time to check out a cool rooftop bar with a great view of the Empire State building and after that we headed to the Top of the Rock, 30 Rockefeller Plaza (we like the lights of the city at night, rather than the concrete jungle day view). The fact that you get right to the VERY top of the building makes it more fun, if not as high, as the Empire.

The next day was a bright and clear afternoon (sleep in), went back to the Chelsea markets area (where we got that good coffee) to try a tacqueria in the same food hall (see the previous post). Yum!


After that, we took the subway over to the Brooklyn bridge area, and hired bikes from Blazing Saddles for the ride across. Again, thousands of others decided it would be a good idea to walk the bridge, so most of the ride across was about avoiding pedestrians, who refused to acknowledge the bike lane!

The ride back from Brooklyn over the Manhattan bridge was heaps more fun, as there were absolutely no pedestrians on that bridge!

That night we were back in Brooklyn for a meal with Ed and Elaine and their family. Elaine had very kindly cooked up huge batches of amazing southern food, including fried and BBQ chicken, corn bread, collard greens, potato salad, and rice. Yum! So yum we forgot to take photos!


Dessert was delicious – sweet potato pie! What a great alternative to pumpkin! AND we even got takeaway lunches!

After dinner, we chewed the fat and played a few games for a couple of hours before we headed home for the night – the next day being New Year’s Eve!


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