Christmas in the Big Apple

Like thousands (quite possibly millions) of others, we decided it would be a great idea to spend the holiday season in New York, just like Kevin McAllister.

We arrived on Christmas Eve, returned the rental car and headed down to Soho to our Lower East Side Airbnb apartment. After dragging the bags up the stairs (omfg what a mission!), we did a spot of washing at the local laundromat – oh man, Downy softener brand (somehow they get away with that name here…) is the BEST! After, we visited our local Whole Foods to pick up some stuff for Christmas dinner. Low and behold, they had NZ lamb roasts, so obviously we opted for this!

Since we’d had an early morning and dealt with traffic through to New York, we were becoming weary, so made ourselves a grilled cheese and retired for the night.

And then it was Christmas!

We headed up to Midtown to visit the Rockefeller plaza Christmas tree (we didn’t have our own, so had to borrow theirs!) and wandered around admiring the buildings, checking out¬†Bryant Park, Grand Central Terminal, Tiffany’s and Times Square. Here are some photos:

And a slideshow of a few more:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As you can tell, by the time we’d got to Time Square (it was a late start), it was getting a bit dark (early in NY, around 4:30) so it was off “home” to roast up our lamb and enjoy a bottle of champagne! It was great to have some home cooking (roast potatoes, kumara (sweet potato), garlic and mushrooms with broccolini to accompany the lamb) after a couple of weeks!

On our second proper day in the city, we headed into town to redeem our New York passes, which gave us five days to do a bunch of stuff around the city for no charge. They are worth considering, but do mean you’re kept busy (hence the absence of posts over the holidays!) especially when the city is busy!

The first thing we did was hire some bikes and cruise around Central Park, where we even spotted a couple of owls (and many, many squirrels)!

After lunch we stopped in at Sara’s favourite store (you know where) and got her a Christmas present – a beautiful new bracelet.


That afternoon the weather started to turn, so we ducked across to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), where we saw fabulous artwork by Van Gogh, Picasso, Andy Warhol, Claude Monet and others. Here are a few of the highlights:

For dinner, we found a great spot walking distance from our apartment near Little Italy (in Nola – north of Little Italy) Here’s a wee video pano of the restaurant:

North of little Italy dinner out! #latergram

A post shared by Tim Gordon (@tim.m.gordon) on

After dinner, we wandered down to Little Italy (proper) and grabbed some amazing cannoli for dessert!

And with that, this post ends… (heaps) more to come!


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