Dyer’s Burgers – Famous since 1912

Down on famous Beale St in Memphis is one of the most intriguing burger joints in the whole of the US…possibly the world…


Dyer’s burgers is¬†an institution grown from a small cafe opened by Elmer “Doc” Boyle, and he had a unique way of cooking his burgers. Doc would flatten out a 3 oz ball of burger meat with his spatula and then (and this is the “gross” part) he would deep fry the patties (yes, deep fry).

Now you’d think that Doc would change the grease regularly, considering how many burgers were pumped out, but no. Oh no. The grease would be filtered daily and re-used the next day. Yes, re-used. The burgers that we consumed would have had a tiny amount of 104-year old grease.


This is what they looked like:


Now this may look a little messy, but boy were they amazeballs! The waitress was impressed by how quickly we smashed these (can you believe she suggested we share one?!)

Again we had some fabulous southern hospitality and after eating our fill we strolled the famous music scene. She was fairly quiet, however, as the Grizzlies Warriors game had just started down the road.

We headed back to our room at La Quinta for a sneaky hotel gin and serious night’s sleep on a truly ginormous bed!

Our waitress at Dyer’s recommended that we visit the National Civil Rights Museum, so next morning, we headed through. This was truly a solemn experience, and really gave us an in-depth perspective. The museum has been built into the Lorraine Motel, the site where Dr Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in 1968.

This was definitely worth the stop.

After this, we were back on the road again.


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