And we were walkin’ in Memphis

It was a chilly and foggy morning in New Orleans when we packed our kit and planned our next adventure. There were no more paranormal pranks and after loading up Lola the Rolla we were off on the way to Tennessee!

The drive was fairly straightforward … however we did see the Fahrenheit continue to drop ….

We had a quick pit-stop in Jackson Mississippi (where Timbo had a chat with the local authorities when filling up … apparently they hadn’t seen a rental car like Lola before lol) and then ‘the bitch’ (aka Google Maps) was set for Graceland.

We pulled up to the Graceland Visitors Centre excited and rearing to go! That is until we opened the car doors …. omg it was FREEZING! (Hehe you could say we were ‘all shook up’ …) They have a special bus (and special bus lane over Elvis Presley Boulevard) that takes you into the property of Graceland. The tour that you take is controlled by yourself (and an iPad) where you ‘swipe’ through the rooms and grounds of the mansion. It had great interactive features (like photos, videos and audio of The King & Lisa-Marie Presley.) The tour was voiced by John Stamos (slight negative?) and was well worth it.

The collections of his gold records, outfits and movie memorabilia were AWESOME – SO many photos!

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We were also surprised to see in the Meditation Garden the graves of Elvis, his parents, his grandmother Minnie Mae and a plaque for his stillborn twin brother. We would have thought these would have been in a more private area of the grounds – however it was a lovely place to pay our respects to The King and his dear family.


After we covered every square inch of Graceland – it was off to another rock’n’roll institution – a Memphis Recording Service by the name of Sun Studio (the birthplace of Sun Records).


As you may know – several incredible artists got their break recording with Sam Phillips at Sun Studio. The original studio is EXACTLY the same as it was back in its heyday and we had a wicked cool tour that covered everything from the beginning of the recording service, to the creation of the label, (to the lawsuits….) and most importantly to the Million Dollar Quartet (Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and Elvis Presley).

Today – many famous artists stop on by to pay their respect to the golden art of rock’n’roll recording and the genius created in that room – leaving behind instruments (kissing the floor where Elvis stood when he cut his first record *cough Bob Dylan*) and even recording tracks of their own.


Fun Fact: When Elvis first visited Sun Studio – Sam Phillips wasn’t even there! Elvis recorded with Marion Keisker (who was an all-rounder at Sun Studio – but ‘officially’ Sam’s secretary). Marion LOVED Elvis’ ballad style – however Sam HATED ballads … It took Marion a year to convince Sam to call Elvis back in!

For me – this was a big tick off my bucket list. The tour was amazing and standing in that room where SO MANY great artists created magic was unbelievable. Highly recommended!

From here we were off to check in and find the famous Dyers Burgers … but that needs a post on its own!


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