Drivin’ in the USA (thus far)

Just over a thousand miles in, we’ve noticed a few things about driving in ‘Murica…

First off, indicators are strictly optional, especially when changing lanes on highways and interstates.

Speed limits vary, but most people seem to hoon along at 75-80mph, (the highest limit is 70), and a few go well faster than that (90+).

Trucks are everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Even they get along at a decent pace though, and quite often pass each other. They are also good indicators, and are usually banned from the fast lane.

Now onto some politics. Particularly, the condition of the infrastructure. The bones are good, but where the surface is concrete, it isn’t flash. Extremely loud, often rickety, and full of potholes. Estimates I have seen of $4 trillion don’t look misplaced.

As far as we’ve fared, the adjustment had to be immediate, although no “right or die” moments! Turning left and right at intersections was a bit odd to start with, but pretty good now.

Because everything is flipped, it’s a little bit complicated maintaining your “left’s” and “right’s” – quite often we’ll point one way and say the other!

Also, for me, lane position took some adjustment, due to the different perspective from the left hand driver seat.

Otherwise, all is going well with Lola the Rolla, and we’re thoroughly enjoying the experience!






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