Welcome to America! Here’s your keys, good luck!

After a *grueling* 13 and a half hour flight (in premium economy, cheers AirNZ!) we faced our first challenge – how to use the ESTA machines to make sure we actually got into the country!

Spoiler alert – we made it through just fine.

From there it was off to the rental car center at Houston’s (enormous) George Bush Intercontinental, where we were pleasantly surprised not to find a queue at the infamous Dollar rental counter.

After saying “No” around one thousand times to various add ons, we were out to meet Lola the Rolla!

And with that, we hit the road for the 362 mile (580km) journey to our first stay, New Orleans!

So, driving on the “right” (or wrong for us Kiwis) side of the road presents a few challenges – chiefly, I’m now getting confused about which is the “left” lane and which is the “right”, thankfully only on multi-lane roads – example: Google says take the left lane to turn left and I take the right lane and turn right!

And then, work calls me! We hadn’t figured out the Bluetooth, and the loud concrete roads made that conversation challenging to say the least!

Minor difficulties aside, we’re actually really enjoying the experience of driving on the left hand side of the car on the right hand side of the road.

We thought it would be best to stop in Lafayette, for a sneaky feed of Maccas, just to try it out, and for a selfie with a cool old house (now some kind of visitor centre) in the background. Can say we’ve done that now!

Supercharged by the high sugar contents in our bellies, we blasted the last two hours into Nola, checked into the hotel, and crashed to sleep.



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