Hello! What’s Happening?


Hey you there!

Yes! You!

Somehow you’ve found your way to this page, so probably you know either me or Sara, and know that in a few days (from the time of writing 6/12/16), we’ll be on our way to Houston, Texas for part 1 of our three part journey around the Grand Old U S of A.

If, due to the miracle of the internet, you don’t know who we are, this is what we look like:

Sara and Tim at Lower 9th Diner in Christchurch, August 2015
Sara and Tim at Lower 9th Diner in Christchurch, August 2015

We are from Christchurch, which is in this little country all the way at the bottom of the world, New Zealand.

As far as the roadie goes, boiling the plan down to its barest of bones:

  • In the first two weeks, we’re gonna be driving (on the wrong side of the road!) from Houston all the way to New York.
  • The next week and a half we’ll be exploring the city that never sleeps, the Big Apple.. Oh, yeah Xmas (Home Alone 2 styles) and New Year’s will be here!
  • The last three weeks, we fly back to Houston and drive off in the other direction – hitting up Walter White’s house, a corner in Winslow Arizona, the Grand Canyon, Vegas and a theme park or two, before we head home via San Francisco.

We’ll (probably me since its my idea) do our (my) best to keep this updated with pics/vids/updates as often as we (I) can!


Tim (and Sara)


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